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Web design for Yellowbricks

Web design for audiovisual companies

Web design to show professional portfolio

Laravel y Javascript

Yellowbricks wanted to create a dynamic portfolio in which to show their most representative audiovisual and graphic projects of their work. Here we show you the result.

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Web Design audiovisual business
Web Design audiovisual business
web design futbol team
web design futbol team

Web design for audiovisual production companies

Yellowbricks is an agency specialized in audiovisual content production and graphic creation for sports clubs and partners. Yellowbricks has worked with large sports clubs such as Atlético de Madrid, Valencia CF, Sevilla CF, Málaga CF, La Selección Española among many others. Yellowbricks wanted to create a dynamic portfolio in which to show their most representative audiovisual and graphic projects of their work.

Why is it important to have a web portfolio?


In recent years, Spain has experienced a boom in the audiovisual industry, which has led to exponential growth and the appearance of small and medium-sized companies that have launched as producers to find their place in the audiovisual world.

Having an elegant portfolio in which to show the work of your production company in an elegant, simple and original way can make the difference between a potential client choosing your company as the first option compared to other competitors.

Basic tips to help you in the development of  your web project.

you are thinking about capturing your audiovisual projects for the first time on a website or you want to renew and update your current portfolio, we leave you a series of basic tips and remember that you can count on our experts to help you in the development of your audiovisual web project.

1. Think about your target market segment: Be clear about the market to which you You direct will facilitate you to start the type of design, language and you can specialize in a specific area. This differentiation will help you choose your most representative projects and direct you to a niche that can see your specialization in that sector. In the case of Yellowbricks, despite having clients of all kinds, they are especially aimed at the soccer and sports sector. This premise helped us to gather the most representative projects of the brand and show them in a dynamic way.

2. It highlights the visual content in front of the text: Although the text is a great ally for SEO, portfolios tend to stand out for the presence of image in front of the In this sense, having all the visual material, both photographic and audiovisual, prepared in advance will make the portfolio design much faster.

3. Divide your portfolio into areas: If your company works with different types of audiovisual formats, it will be best to create different categories or business areas to show your projects following a line in each category to create unity. This tool can be an ally for SEO. This type of portfolio may not be suitable for a company that is fully specialized in a single area, but it may take other factors as allies in the design and development of its portfolio.

4. Select the relevant content: In general, audiovisual portfolios should show a representative part of your work, a company that is going to choose its future production company will not want to see many videos, it will want to see few but of great quality that demonstrates the level and results of your audiovisual productions.

5. Contact details: It is basic, but in some portfolios may go unnoticed, do not forget to make clear the means in which they can contact your company. The best thing is to have different options, be it a contact page, the data in the footer and perhaps a CTA that leads to the contact form of the portfolio.

6. Information and updating: Remember to update your portfolio whenever you can, since just as in the world of web design the designs and ways of interacting with users change frequently, audiovisual styles are out of date very quickly. Having up-to-date quality projects will demonstrate that your company is up to date with the new audiovisual production tools. A useful piece of information may be to set a reference date for the completion of the project.

7. Customer opinions: Sharing testimonials from satisfied customers is a very useful tool for new potential customers who do not yet know about your work. Currently relying on Google My Business reviews is essential, encourage your customers to leave reviews of your work done.

If you want your portfolio to start its journey in the digital space, do not hesitate to contact us. Here you can see more web design projects.

Web Design yellowbricks malaga
Web Design yellowbricks malaga
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