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Rocket Entries App Design

App design for event organization

Canine App Development

Laravel, Flutter

Rocket Entries is one of our projects in which we have had more creative freedom. We have managed to create an App for managing canine events so that clubs can manage their sales and users can easily subscribe their pets.

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app development rocket entries
app development rocket entries
app development dogfriendly
app development dogfriendly

Rocket Entries App Design | Canine Event Management

Every software design and development is a new challenge. At Rocketfy we always get soaked in the project sector and this time it has coincided with one of the sectors with which many members of our team have a lot of experience, so we have been able to nurture ourselves with the previous knowledge of the sector and continue to increase our experience within canine events.

Thanks to Rocket Entries you can manage canine events in a completely simple way and focused on the usability of different users. Any club can register for the service and publish its events and manage them in a comprehensive way. It is a great way both to publicize events and to manage them. Rocket Entries allows you to manage events in an intuitive and attractive way, helping ticket sales worldwide, so that all people who love this type of event have the information updated and instantly.


Rocket Entries App Design for Android and IOS

Our designs are always operational for both systems (Android and IOS) unless our client specifies otherwise. In this case, the App is available to any user, regardless of the operating system of their device. Being able to develop applications suitable for all types of systems was one of the requirements, since Rocket Entries does not want anyone to miss their original management system for ticketing for canine events quickly, easily and completely safely.


Event management app?

In this case the functionalities are those specified by the client, Rocket Entries makes it easy for users to register their pets to national and international events and manage all the steps from a single platform, in addition, users can register as many pets as they have, unlimited. It is very easy to find the club and the country in which you are interested in participating in events. You can create tokens of your pets, select your favorites and add certificates of pedigree or others.

At Rocketfy we know that the world moves fast and that being able to manage efficiently is one of the keys to any business, so speed Management in the app was one of our key points. You can create as many pet cards as you have, it is so easy that you can upload their photo and data in less than 10 seconds. Security is always present in all our projects, when it comes to apps in which payments are managed, we need to generate trust for users, so we use the best and safest payment methods.

Rocket Entries has the safest personal data protection and management system on the market. In addition, it complies with the Data Protection Law for the total security and trust of users. Users can access their payment history, save the cards they deem appropriate for the ease and speed of payments and thus buy tickets for their pets to events in less than 10 seconds.


Rocket Entries is already part of the digital space

"Without a doubt Rocketfy has managed to create the most efficient app on the market to manage 2020 canine events "

- Rocket Entries -

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