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Web design is a process in which numerous factors intervene so that you can successfully project your company into the digital space. Although each challenge we face requires individualized treatment. The phases for the comprehensive development of a web design project are:

Web design


1. Research around the web design project.

The business model and logic.

More about the current situation, the starting point. Is it a consolidated company? Are you in the first years of your business adventure? Is it a great idea and does it need to materialize? This will make it easier for us to know what your needs are.

Objectives that are intended to be achieved with Malaga web design.

Once we know more about everything your company means. And what are the objectives, we will transfer all that to the website to achieve your objectives.

Target audience of the Web. Who is the website for?

What are the needs that your website will satisfy. Therefore, it is essential that through the website we offer the user a solution to find what he wants and, therefore, become his client.


2. Project planning.

Action plan.

To carry out an excellent web design, it is vitally important to establish a roadmap, an action plan that defines the steps to be taken in preparing your website.

The necessary software.

We must establish what are the specific stages that your specific project requires, the time it will take to guarantee its perfect development. As well as the resources that will be necessary to guarantee a first quality result.


In this sense we are experts in assigning the technology that the web design of your page really requires. This allows us to adjust our budgets to the real needs of each project and to be very competitive.


3. The technological and software infrastructure of the Web project.

Technology and software needs.

The domain (s) of the company. Consulting the different availabilities, as well as the terminations of the same. Also the software and the languages ​​in which to program.


The type of accommodation or hosting necessary to satisfy all the requirements that the project will require. Available space, security level, SSL certificates, databases, servers, etc.

External services.

Mobile applications, company CRM, payment gateways, etc ... The software infrastructure with the necessary programs for everything to work, and ranges from the operating systems to the systems software necessary to develop the web project.

The appearance and content that should be considered on a website.

4. The structure and content of the Web.


The website has to be easy to use, so that the future client can get what he was looking for when he accessed it. That is why we emphasized the importance of who the page is intended for. Since it will be a very important factor to design a page suitable for the user. For this, it must be very fast, comfortable, coherent, accessible, that makes all the sense. And clear, very clear and intuitive.

The user experience.

It is the perception that a user of the web has. It is your impression the first time you meet her. And that knowing leaves you after the visit. Among the factors that influence and take into account when designing websites are that it inspires confidence and security, that it wants to return, that it stimulates your desire and that you see value in your digital proposal.

Basic SEO already integrated into Web design.

In this part, overtaking comes into play as the positioning strategy in Google. Aspects such as keywords, good SEO practices, meta tags, etc. are taken into account to offer a good solid basis for developing this aspect later.

360º design

5. Graphic design and its integration into web design.

The new form of artistic expression of the 19th century.

The new form of artistic expression of the 19th century. If something makes your web project really unique, exclusive and almost a work of art, it is graphic design. At this stage it can be developed from the logo, colors, images, typography ...

So at Rocketfy ...

We have graphic designers, digital artisans, who are aware that originality and creativity in the digital universe knows no limits. What can give your web project an impression that is engraved in the memory

Bases for the future communication of your project.

This will determine how you want to create and maintain relationships with your customer. It also includes the way your prices will be displayed, the possibility of carrying out email campaigns. All this to increase your conversions. This is to increase your turnover.

Integral service

6. Pre-launch and pretest of web design and its continuous improvement.

First prototype.

The web begins its journey in the online space in a controlled environment. At which time we evaluate the initial performance of web design with you and with people related to your target audience. To make the appropriate corrections.

Digital Measurement and Analytics.

To be able to offer you periodic reports of the results of the web design So you can evaluate our work as a Malaga web design studio.

Data and information that we collect and analyze.

And what is more important: the continuous improvement of web design. Analyzing which parts work best and which parts we should optimize.

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First of all we want to highlight that, we designed first for mobiles and then we tested it on desktop computers. Obeying Google's maxim: Mobile Desing First.


Despite being effectively a complex process thanks to a multidisciplinary team with extensive training and experience, we can work very smoothly, being able to guarantee the success of your website in a very short time, becoming one of the most advanced Malaga web design agencies.

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