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Growth of the mobile ecosystem



Development of mobile applications in Malaga. We are at a time when the mobile environment is in one of its peak moments. It is only necessary to see that around 37.27 million Spaniards are mobile phone users.


It is a fact that today, the mobile is used to perform other tasks more than just calling. Making purchases from the mobile phone itself, for example, is becoming increasingly common.



Have you ever thought about the advantages that the development of an app can bring to your company?

Advantages of its development

Why is it important to have a mobile application?

Strengthen the image of your company

Strengthens your brand image (in addition to giving it greater visibility)

User experience

It gives an added value to the user, apart from the fact that you can design the user experience, giving you the possibility of getting more engagement.

Sales and communication channel

It is another communication channel and not least, also for sale!

Digital strategy

It allows you to expand your range of business strategies.

We design the app of your dreams
We design the app of your dreams

The development of mobile applications in Malaga with Rocketfy

At Rocketfy we are aware of the importance of the development of mobile applications in Malaga today.


Our more than proven experience and the knowledge that we have acquired over the years in the sector, allows us to accompany the client from the beginning of the process until it becomes a reality. Therefore, with Rocketfy the client will have a hybrid or native application tailored to their expectations (or even better).

As a leading company in the development of mobile applications in Android and iOS operating systems, we always seek perfection in our projects. The most important thing for us is to capture the needs of customers in the development of the mobile application.

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Key points of mobile application development

Leaders in mobile software development

Full integration on mobile. More than 20 years of experience in mobile application development in Malaga

Mobile cloud computing experts

As light as a cloud We create very very fast mobile applications to take advantage of every moment

The most advanced technology on your mobile device

A day-to-day tool that can become the success factor for your project

Mobile Application Development

Custom programming, just what your project needs.


It is essential as a starting point to know our client in depth; your business, the competition, the channels, etc.


From here, we provide the client with our vision and different proposals for the development of mobile applications in Malaga. Without forgetting that it is a joint project, therefore the client will also have a leading role in the development.


For the entire process of developing the mobile application, we have the latest technologies in the sector. Coupled with the great experience of the group of multidisciplinary professionals who make up the Rocketfy family, the client will have the app they dream of so much.


At Rocketfy we assure you a mobile application, the result of innovation, creativity, usability, security, etc. A process that ends with your final app ready to take off and ...


Conquer space with mobile app development!

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