Development of native applications Malaga

Development of custom native applications

A new development in the digital space

Advantages of developing native applications

In the same way, it is possible that our app makes intensive use of certain hardware elements of the terminal (GPS, photo camera ...) or has to work closely with native services provided by the platform.


It is in these cases that native development becomes important and, therefore, from Rocketfy due to our experience in the sector, we recommend your choice despite the advantages that development in cross-platform environments could offer initially.


Among the advantages of this type of applications stand out that they take advantage of the functionalities of the device and that they can work without Internet connection. In addition, by being present in the Apple Store and Google Play, so, speaking in terms of digital marketing, they gain visibility.


At Rocketfy we are experts in developing native applications in Malaga, with more than two decades of experience in the sector, which allows us to offer native apps that take advantage of the full potential of the operating system and the mobile device, to help your company achieve its technological and commercial objectives.

Development of custom native applications

Development of custom native applications

The development of native mobile applications is carried out specifically for each operating system, iOS, Android or Windows Phone. In other words, you have to carry out the development of mobile applications for each platform, adapting to each one the language with which it is developed: Objective-C language for iOS, Java for Android, and .Net for Windows Phone. An example of a native app is Instagram.


Native applications allow working with the system's own buttons and menus, and this aspect can be crucial for the development of applications with very particular characteristics.

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