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SEO positioning

The importance of SEO web positioning

How to improve your SEO web positioning

SEO web positioning in Malaga is of vital importance. It supposes greater visibility of your web page and increases the possibilities that your potential clients interact with it. Enter, visit, browse the different pages and sections, and end up making a conversion, a purchase, filling out a contact form ...


Appearing at the top of search results helps you find it more easily. Users do not go beyond the first page of the results that the browser offers us. We click on the first link or at most the first three.


Search Engine Optimization


Rocketfy's team develops an updated analysis of the web. Highlight the keywords that your customers convert the most in your online window. How customers interact with your website and how to optimize that navigation.


Depending on your business, industry, and other determining factors, you will need to use specific related words. In the beginning it is recommended to use long tail keywords.

Visitors and target audience

Our digital Marketing agency in Malaga, will advise and develop your SEO web positioning strategy, based on the target. Your target audience is essential, bring qualified visitors to your website, so you can increase conversions.

Search engine results page

Search engine results page

Being at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) means performing tasks in a professional way, knowing the way forward and the objective you want to achieve. The methodology necessary to achieve satisfactory results on your website, through SEO, requires dedication. Go step by step, to position organically in the search engines. Unlike the sem, which is more direct. However, it is known that most users tend to "psychologically value more positively", organic searches, the result of good seo applied to the web, before sponsored ads.

SEO and SEM strategies

A good digital strategy must have these two aspects, sem, to capture users more quickly, but also seo. Develop a more durable strategy over time, so that your website is always present in the top positions of search engines.

At Rocketfy, from Malaga, we offer you a team of specialists in methodology for web positioning and SEO. We will help you give greater relevance to your website, to achieve your goals.

SEO web positioning in Malaga

SEO web positioning in Malaga

At Rocketfy we take care of the strategy to follow to achieve an adequate SEO web positioning, related to your business, your sector and above all focused on your clients. But there are many details that must be controlled, related to the SEO of the web, to reach the relevant positions for the users, and thus, achieve their objectives.


Web positioning consists of carrying out a series of methodologies to show a website in the main positions of search engines on the Internet

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