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We adapt to the needs of your business.

SEM Agency

Rocketfy within its digital marketing department is formed as an expert agency in SEM. We like to combine our projects and after developing unique websites when our clients decide to create an SEM strategy we advise them and optimize their campaigns.


We carry out an online advertising advisory work and we carry it out in 8 steps.


We optimize your campaigns for SEM

1. Sector / client / market analysis

The key point to carry out a successful campaign begins by defining the objectives adjusted to the needs of the company. For this, it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the client, its sector and the market.

2. Definition of objectives

Once the analysis is done, it is easier to set SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and in a Limited Time)

3. Keyword research / Search for opportunities

The search for keywords is necessary to establish the key points of our strategy. This search will allow us new opportunities in Keywords or PPC campaigns.

4. Strategy and channel selection

Choosing the right channels that fit our strategic line will also be an important choice in order to obtain the best results.

Expand the scope of your company with SEM

5. Launching of campaigns

Googles Ads is the ideal tool to manage, monitor and optimize online campaigns.

6. Performance monitoring

Extensive monitoring reinforces the profitability of each campaign. Through the data of each campaign we can observe and make new decisions to improve results.

7. Optimization

Optimizing campaigns is key in an SEM or PPP Agency, it is necessary to analyze the results and take measures to constantly improve them

8. Reporting

We make reports so that our clients are aware of all the data of each campaign.

SEM online advertising specialists.
SEM online advertising specialists.


Why should your company invest in online advertising?

The fastest technique.

It is the fastest way to publicize your company, your project, your idea, what you want to communicate to the world. Other marketing techniques are somewhat slower, this is the fastest way to start getting customers.


Online advertising can be shown around the world 24 hours a week, all year round. It is a universal and permanent showcase for displaying your products and services.

Unlimited options.

It allows unlimited options to attract customer attention. It only depends on the imagination and creativity, we can make original and creative ads that make your customers fall in love and make your company known in the digital space.

It can be changed quickly.

In such a changing environment, we were born specialized in offering an immediate response and we can easily change the type of ad or the medium in a very short time.

Discover the infinity of digital space

Reach your target audience by optimizing your resources with SEM.

Infinite offer of formats and media.

We have the necessary technology and creativity to offer you a very complete catalog of online advertising services: Advertising on the Google Adwords search network, Advertising on the Google Adwords display network, Mobile advertising, etc.

Segmentation and Microsegmentation.

Online advertising platforms have a lot of user information and this allows you to direct your campaign towards a very specific target audience, something that does not happen in traditional media that target a very wide audience.

Get your company off the ground with SEM
Get your company off the ground with SEM


Specialists in SEM campaigns in Malaga

Analytics and results

The results can be known in great detail. Being experts in digital analytics we can know every detail of the development of the campaign and of course offer you a report of each result and action of everything the campaign has achieved.

Data and information

We can assure you that every effort in your advertising investment will obtain the best results. We do a detailed analysis in real time, and the exact return on investment (ROI) of each ad can be calculated very objectively and reliably.

Adapted strategy

At Rocketfy we work on our clients' online advertising campaigns with a simple methodology adapted to their business. We offer you information to take actions for continuous improvement.

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