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Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing in Malaga


Mobile marketing or mobile marketing is a set of techniques and formats to promote products and services, which uses mobile devices as a means of communication.


Mobile marketing strategies
Mobile marketing strategies

Marketing via mobile

People look at our smart phone an average of 150 times a day, most of them are micro-moments, so having a notable presence in this device is no longer an option for those companies that want to conquer the digital space, it is now an obligation.

Mobile Marketing

We help you develop your mobile marketing strategy

Good Mobile presence

At Rocketfy we help companies understand, develop and optimize their Mobile presence, covering all areas of action, from defining strategies, developing APPs or generating 100% Mobile advertising campaigns.

Mobile as a link between the online world and the digital space

This means taking off and online marketing actions so that your company can communicate together, taking advantage of both spaces to offer your client a unique experience that you will not hesitate to remember by associating it with your brand.

We have extensive experience in developing mobile marketing campaigns

Thanks to our technological capacity, our care for design, and our way of understanding digital communication, we can help you launch your mobile marketing campaign.

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