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Community Manager specialists in Social Network management

Community Manager: Professional management of corporate RRSS

Storytelling, preparing and communicating a story focused on clients as protagonists, needs specialists in social media and community managers.


To professionally manage corporate social networks, you must know the objectives of the company, but above all its target audience. Based on it, the contents will be adapted and the periodic planning of the publications will be organized. Create, manage and maintain a community of fans. It involves promoting the participation and interaction between your brand and its followers and responding to their needs.


Professionally managing corporate social networks involves more than selecting the right ones to have a presence.


Promote customer engagement through proper social media management.

Community Managers in Malaga

Community Managers in Malaga

Social Media Community Managers in Malaga Rocketfy's social media team in Malaga is made up of community managers with years of experience. Connoisseurs of the importance of developing an online strategy according to the company, beyond creating and configuring a profile / fanpage on social networks. Planning, organization, creation, publication of content of interest to the community, monitoring, analyzing results, reporting, ...

Specialists in managing social media strategies

Our specialists are dedicated to your project, to generate community around your company, taking into account its objectives. Generate traffic and visits to your website, conversions, carry out branding actions, position your brand, ... It is not just having a presence before an Internet audience, it is communicating, interacting with current clients and potential clients.


Respond to comments, stay up to date, serve customers, make them protagonists, manage notoriety, visibility of your brand and company. Analyze results, offer recommendations. Professional community managers know the relevance of an adequate Social Media Plan, of digital marketing, to advance. There are many, many social networks where your project could have a presence: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat, etc.

We design your strategy on social networks
We design your strategy on social networks

Stand out from your competition

Digital content management specialists

Personal business analysis

First, we analyze which are the most important social networks for your company. This will depend on your business model and your clients. We will focus more effort on the ideal ones to optimize each resource.

Establish an online strategy

Once the corporate social networks are selected, the Social Media team develops a strategy. First, globally, the objectives to be achieved in the social environment are established. It is also necessary to study what the necessary resources may be to achieve them.

Personal treatment

The next step is the personalization and treatment of each social network, treating them in a unique way. The community manager knows that each social network has its own personality and characteristics. Therefore, each publication is personalized. The social media team carries out the communication adjusting it to the requirements of its clients.

Convert strangers into clients

Thanks to the proper management of corporate social networks we will achieve: attract people we do not know and make them friends, those friends will be customers and thanks to your response they will become ambassadors of your brand and will recommend it.

Discover your digital customer community
Discover your digital customer community

Personalized methodology

With a professional social media and community manager planning in Malaga, we offer an expert service aimed at achieving the objectives of your company. We monitor the evolution of the actions, we analyze social media, we prepare detailed periodic reports of the results obtained.


At Rocketfy we manage their profiles on the social networks appropriate to their company, we publish periodically, we create diverse and relevant content (images, photographs, stories, ...). We offer you results of social analytics so that you can see at all times how your company is progressing.


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