Is your company ready for teleworking?

From Rocketfy we continue with our tips to improve your company from home. In previous posts we have talked to you about tips to improve the management of your social networks, web development and the SEO of your website. In this post we bring you just a few brushstrokes of three more aspects that we should not go unnoticed and that we can expand on in future more specific posts.


4. Prepare your company for teleworking.

The situation we are living through has disrupted many sectors. 42% of companies were not prepared for teleworking, since the COVID crisis, 2 out of every three respondents work in the form of teleworking, many of them claim that their companies did not have the means or correct processes to be able to telework (Welivessecurity ). This new situation has allowed us to reflect on the possibilities and the real need for companies to be prepared to offer their workers the option of teleworking.

Not all businesses may be able to perform their functions through this modality, but perhaps many other businesses if they can perform their daily tasks or managements remotely. Perhaps this time many businesses have been unprepared. In this sense, Rocketfy can develop your business management software to facilitate teleworking and optimize the efficiency and resources of your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us to study the case of your business and be able to develop a totally personalized management CRM that allows the development of your business from anywhere.


5. Re-Branding

During the confinement we had plenty of moments to look in the mirror.

Your logo does not represent you? Still don't have a corporate brand manual for your company? At this time perhaps we can reflect on many aspects of our companies, among them is their corporate identity. Times change, trends and tastes change, big brands carry out redesigns of their identity from time to time.

Rebranding is not a strategy for all companies, but if you think that yours has become obsolete over time, refreshing your image can be an idea that makes a difference.

In future posts we will go into details about the importance of branding and cases of re-branding.


6. Think about possible SEM campaigns

If your business was closed during confinement or has had a negative impact after this crisis, we recommend that you take the time to improve your digital advertising strategy that you can optimize to boost the results of your business. Do not hesitate to carry out a campaign so that the public knows your company, its services and your current availability.

Soon we will share with you a post to delve into the differences of SEO and SEM and their respective advantages.


If you have doubts, remember. Rocketfy offers its advice, call or write to us without obligation.