#We will leave with new web

From Rocketfy we continue with our tips to improve your company from home during this fortnight. In our previous post you can find tips regarding improving the management of your social networks and the SEO of your website.

Today we bring you something essential, the importance of having a website and the aspects it must comply with. Now is the time to adjust business to the new demands of the Internet age. Prepare your company to be able to operate from anywhere, here are the keys to do so:


3. Renew your website and its content.

First of all, you may not even have a website, if this is the case, we suggest that you contact us so that we can help you in this regard to focus it correctly from the first moment. In addition, now you can benefit from our development specialized in generating websites optimized for SEO and fully manageable for any level of knowledge of SEO strategy development.

It has never been so necessary to have an online presence, whether you have a company that offers services or products, having a website or online store is a key factor in converting potential customers into real customers.

To begin with, here, everything is NOT valid. We make it clear to our clients that we do not work with CMS like Wordpress, we develop tailor-made websites based on the needs of each client.

Our web design and development work is unique, since we have a graphic design team that ensures that the web has an original, attractive design and that the usability for the user is adequate to achieve conversions.


If you have a website and you don't know if you need to update it, ask yourself the following:

Does my website have an attractive design?


Is my website safe? Do you have an SSL security certificate?


Is my website responsive? Does your design adapt to all formats of mobile devices, tablets and computers?


Does my website have a blog to which I upload content periodically for SEO optimization?


Does my website appear among the first of Google?


Have I done a keyword study?


If most of the answers to these questions is NO, you should consider renewing your website



During these two weeks of isolation, Rocketfy has decided to offer its web audit service free of charge to those who contact us through the email mkt@rocketfy.es or by calling 620 14 59 52.

In our free audit of your website in Rocketfy, we will tell you where your website falters the most and what you should start to localize your efforts so that your website stops being a mere showcase and becomes a sales conversion and increase tool of your company's profits.

Not everything goes. We develop responsive websites, adapted to mobiles, with SSL security certificate, and optimized for SEO to get to appear among the top positions in Google. Likewise, we offer advice for the management of your domain, hosting and web maintenance.

If you do not have a website and you still do not know what type of website best suits your needs, we will explain the different varieties of websites: corporate websites, landing pages, online stores, blogs and the possibilities offered by the development of custom websites .


 #Thank you

All our support to all public and health administrations and all people who continue to carry out their work activity to allow people to have access to medicines and supplies. Thanks to our doctors, nurses and nurses, to all of you people who are behind the care of the affected people, thank you because you are our heroes and heroines.