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We continue with the post of tips to improve your company from home during the quarantine established due to the coronavirus. If you want to spend time that you did not have to improve aspects of your company in the digital environment, we help you to do so.


2. Work on the SEO of your company.

Improve the organic positioning of your website in search engines like Google. How? In this step we can help you, during these 15 days, Rocketfy is offering a FREE WEB AUDIT for companies, so that they can know the aspects that they should improve their website for SEO in Google. Contact us through the email mkt@rocketfy.es or by calling 620 14 59 52, to benefit from the free web audit and advice.

SEO consists of performing a series of techniques to improve the visibility and positioning of your website in search engine results. In SEO, actions such as content optimization, web optimization and obtaining links from other websites are carried out.

What benefits does SEO bring to your company?


1. Increase the visibility of your online business.

Organic traffic is usually the main source of visits to websites, with a good SEO strategy, you can increase your brand awareness, reach more customers and obtain more benefits through increased conversions. The main thing is to achieve visibility, capture traffic and visits to the web, the first step will be to optimize the contents of the web. SEO work is a constant work that is achieved with continuous work and whose progress is observed little by little by climbing positions in the search results.


2. Increase quality traffic to your website.

In this aspect, it will be very important to carry out a study of keywords or as we say in our marketplace, Keyword Research. Thanks to this study, we will be able to select the most appropriate terms to attract the optimal customers when looking for products or services like ours on the internet.


3. Increase the trust and credibility of your brand with SEO.

Appearing among the first search engine results has become a sign of trust for users, in fact, 75% of users only consult the first result offered by the search engine, the further away your website is from the first results , the lower the percentage of visits from potential clients you will receive.


4. Improve the usability of your website.

Always, always, always, think about your client, that on your website they can find an attractive design accompanied by quality information and that navigation between the sections of your website is intuitive will be a determining factor to avoid the rebound effect (percentage of bounce), that is, that people enter your website, but when they do not find what they are looking for or find it unattractive or messy, they leave it very quickly.


5. Generate more customers and sales through SEO.

If you manage to follow all the tips that we show you, you can increase the visits of your potential customers, and increase the conversion rate to final sales.


6. Long-term SEO strategy.

SEO is a strategy that we work on thinking long-term, if we manage to optimize the contents of our website and generate new content periodically, it will be difficult for them to surpass us among the results, but this is a race that never ends, the market evolves , the keywords too, the Google algorithm more than we would like, that is why it is important not to rest on your laurels and always be at the foot of the canyon.


7. Strengthen your marketing strategy with SEO.

You can reinforce your marketing strategy through optimized content and take actions in networks to boost the visits and reach of your website.


8. Improve the local positioning of your business.

Optimizing the Google My Business listing has become one of the key factors in increasing the local reach of businesses. Still do not create updated content on your file? Now is the time.


9. Generate quality content for your clients.

In this sense it is important to avoid duplication of content, contribute your grain of originality, make your content original, have the tone of your company, provide solutions to the concerns of your customers. Do not forget to optimize them for SEO with the proper use of the Keywords (keywords) that you have selected in the previous study.


If you have doubts, remember. Rocketfy offers its advice, call or write to us without obligation.