Have you closed your business due to the coronavirus? We give you a list of tips to improve your company from home during this fortnight.

The daily administrative tasks of different businesses drown small and medium entrepreneurs and never find the time to adjust their businesses to the new demands of the Internet age. If this fortnight has taught us something, it is that businesses must prepare to operate from anywhere and that the presence of businesses on the internet is essential. A customer may not be able to visit your physical store, but don't miss the opportunity to communicate all your services digitally.



Here is a list of tasks that you may still have pending with your business in the digital environment.


1. Update your company social networks.

We are aware that day to day can consume many of the energies of a company and that you find it difficult to create content for your potential clients on social networks. That is why we believe that this can be a great opportunity to reflect on the opportunities that your business could be taking advantage of on social networks.

What benefits do creating and sharing content on your social networks bring you as a company?


1. Improve the scope of your Internet business.

Whatever the situation of your business, the presence in social networks enhances its reach exponentially. Potential clients of any business expand across the digital horizon. With a suitable strategy you will be able to increase the visibility and image of your brand for a lower price than traditional media.

2. Strengthens the trust of online customers.

Users trust companies that take care of their presence on social networks more. It is no longer enough to worry about having a website that transmits its mission, vision, values ​​and that complies with the usability functions expected by the user, it is also necessary to create channels of communication and dialogue with potential customers. Being able to share content from the sector, the company, offers, new products or services. It is essential to create a communication that generates trust and that highlights the added value that our company offers against the competition.

3. Improve the reputation of your online business.

Not only can you improve public confidence, you can also build your digital corporate image, sharing content that reinforces your brand reputation, communicating all the actions of your social responsibility department, starting solidarity campaigns, sharing your company values, etc.

4. Create a 360º communication of your business.

Social networks are a communication tool that if used well can help you to know your target and potential customers better than ever, you can carry out surveys, interactive content and reinforce your business with their constant feedback.

5. Create segmented campaigns on social networks.

The segmentation that social media campaigns allow allows you to optimize the resources of your company to communicate the right message to the right customer and thus achieve real conversions at less cost to traditional media and much greater effectiveness.

6. Monitor the results of your social networks.

Completely instantly. It has never been so easy to obtain so much data about our company and the interactions it receives, by following the different data that the networks provide us, we can take action and update short and long-term business objectives in the digital universe.

7. Promote your products on social networks.

Your product anywhere. Promoting a product or service has never been so easy, take advantage and establish the optimal strategy to promote the right products, at the right time to your target audience. Now it is possible.

8. Loyalty to your customers with your social networks.

Getting customers to become ambassadors for your brand and to recommend it is one of the challenges of the digital environment, but with the right strategy you can ensure that digital word of mouth has incredible results in the growth of your company. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a clear strategy and have a close relationship with your customers and some parameters of action.

9. Capture traffic to your website or corporate blog.

Yes! You can improve your traffic and therefore the SEO of your website thanks to the redirects that you generate in the different publications of your social networks, remember that for this type of strategy to be effective, the content you share must be relevant and provide information of value to users.

10. Study your competition on social networks.

Something that we can never forget is having the SWOT framework of our business well defined, and among all the areas it covers, the study of our competition. If you have not done so before, now is the time, watch how the companies in your sector act on social networks, perhaps they are developing strategies that you had not even imagined and that are leaving you behind. Run and catch up!

#Thank you

All our support to all public and health administrations and to all those who continue to carry out their work activities to allow people to have access to medicines and supplies. Thanks to our doctors, male and female nurses, to all of you who are behind the care of those affected, thank you because you are our heroes and heroines.


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