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Responsive web design focused on hotels
An exclusive design, for a unique hotel
Responsive web design focused on hotels

Creating a web is a complex procedure, in which many factors must be taken into account when carrying out its development. And if the web is for a sector like hotels, even more.

    It is not only about conceiving an attractive web design. Other main elements must also be considered, such as software architecture or usability.

    With an appropriate design, conversions are achieved through the hotel's website. Increase visits to your hotel establishment and attract and increase reservations directly, without intermediaries. Report on hotels as a brand, differentiated from other hotel accommodations. Close the hiring of other services offered by the hotel. The design of hotels webs should be focused on facilitating the stay of your client and help you achieve your business objectives.

Hotels with digital presence
Websites of hotels
Hotels with digital presence

An exclusive web design, for a unique hotel, must be adapted to different devices. Computer, tablet and mobile overcoat, to facilitate that the clients of your hotel have an optimal access to your web, wherever they are.

    Offer the image that your hotel deserves, moving your rooms, common areas, reception and other spaces, to the online environment. Have a digital presence, making a difference, before your audience and your potential clients.

    Your hotel will continue to grow thanks to a design focused on the user experience. Webs focused on hotels should be the showcase, the window, through which to show not only their facilities. In addition, it will serve to communicate, formalize reservations, serve your customers, provide information of interest, ...

    Make excursions, hire rooms for celebrations or meeting rooms. Visit places of interest, arrange transfers of arrival or departure to the airport or train station. Formalize extra activities, room service, laundry, breakfast, ... What your clients need to spend an unbeatable stay, you can find it thanks to the design of the website of your hotel.


The first thing is to carry out a study of your hotel and its competition. After deciding where to focus, a strategy is set to follow, to achieve its objectives.

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The creative team of Rocketfy transfers to paper the map of what will be the web of your hotel. At all times we keep your corporate image in mind, so that your website transmits messages and values according to your business.


The idea captured on paper is digitized. The design of the web of your hotel is configured, developing everything necessary, in the part of database and programming, among others.

Specialized website design for hotels by Rocketfy

At Rocketfy we offer a specialized service in the design of webs for hotels. We have previous experience in the development of webs for the specific hotel sector.

Our projects in that sense endorse us. From boutique hotels, with its special charm, to larger and more modern hotels.

From Rocketfy we work on the design of optimized and personalized webs, whatever the type of your hotel establishment. City hotel, holiday hotels, rural houses, hotels with charm, nature. Apartments, family hotels, inns, hotel with spa, monumental. Resort, bed and breakfast, guest house, business hotel, glamping, ... Your accommodation, with its location, services and design will have its online version.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to know more about this specialized web design service for hotels.

Specialized website design for hotels by Rocketfy
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