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App design in Malaga
How important is his design?
App design in Malaga

    How important is the app design in Malaga? In a world where society is increasingly demanding, it is difficult to get the user to fall in love. Being unique and different are two factors that companies struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

    There are thousands of apps with similar functions but, why the user prefers to use one or the other? Linked to the user experience, the apps design is a crucial element in the conquest of people. Visually attracting an individual may be complicated but sometimes it is the factor by which the user chooses your company and not the competition.

    The appearance of an app transmits the image of your brand, therefore, it is important that it has a certain agreement with the values ​​of your company. That is attractive, unique and original are variables that must always be taken into account when designing apps. And at Rocketfy we are experts in that.

App design

In Rocketfy when we design an application we take into account the graphic design of the App. Just as a web page must offer an attractive and elegant image, the same thing happens with the aesthetics of an application.

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In this way we can offer you a service oriented to design the image of your applications that offer a spectacular result so that your public and clients fall in love with the attractiveness of their application.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this graphic design service exclusively offered in Malaga.



Main element of the design of apps, it is the means of interaction between client and software. Mainly, its components are icons, backgrounds, buttons, graphic images that are displayed on the device's screen. An elegant and exclusive aesthetic helps to raise the usability and user experience. Our designers integrate their artistic personality according to the visual identity of each operating system, Android and iOS.



An app must maintain the corporate identity and the personality of the brand in its design, to reflect the message that it wants to communicate. Reinforce branding, with the name, logo, colors, shapes, typography, etc. Create an immediate partnership between application and company.



Caring graphically for the launch icon of an app is of vital importance. It is the first visual contact that the user experiences. To encourage the download, it must be attractive, draw attention and identify its function, with respect to the other icons of other apps present in the app stores. Once installed, it must be able to distinguish itself from the rest of the applications on the user's device. The internal icons and buttons should help navigation within the app and promote interaction.



It is the image that is displayed when you enter the application while it is loading. Therefore, you must include a load status icon. This image should be displayed less than a second, because of its loading speed, but it will be useful to leave an impression on the user. The initial screen or Splash must respect some canons in terms of design.

App design in Malaga
App design by Rocketfy

These are just some of the elements that we take into account in the process of designing and developing cross-platform applications.

But there are many more: the grid, which will determine the layout of the elements in the interface, the typography to use, so that, in essence, the text of the application is readable, in any situation, the combination of colors and its use in the application, the language used, small visual details, etc.

At Rocketfy, we take care of the graphic design of apps, pampering every detail, to offer multiplatform applications without comparison to our clients. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this app design service exclusively offered in Malaga.

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