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Development of custom applications and software.

So that your company conquer the digital space.

Rocketfy isTechnology

Technology company specialized in application development cross-platform, web, mobile and custom software for companies and entrepreneurs. With more than 20 years of experience, our solid technological base allows us to offer comprehensive web design and graphic and digital marketing professional services in a personalized way.

We create tools that improve and optimize the resources of your company

Professional design

Our design team works to create the necessary style so that your project has the personality of your business.

Efficient development

Specialists in optimizing processes, improve the performance of your company in any of the proposed projects.

We meet objectives

We work hand in hand with you with the sole objective of helping your company achieve the established objectives.

Own code, customized

Everything we develop we do with our own code, running away from prefabricated CMS that tend to damage security.

Development of multiplatform applications and software in Málaga


The I+D por by flag

Our human team is constantly searching and developing new technologies that improve the projects we carry out.


Design and UX by principle

We produce the most powerful applications or websites that we have, but the user experience is fundamental for us.

Some of our latest projects developed

New projects

We work to create the best apps and websites

Committed to the success of our clients from the beginning to the end. We contribute with improvements that provide greater visibility and better performance.

We are a software company that develops customized applications and software for your company to conquer the digital space. That is our motto and our goal, to grow helping our clients grow. Based in the Technological Park of Andalusia in Malaga, our team is always at the bottom of the canyon to offer the best of each one of us, developing high quality webs and applications and positioning our clients in the best positions of search engines.

Meet the team
We work to create the best apps and websites
Segade Oro

Great professionals, they make everything easy from the first moment and the result is incredible.

Carmen CortésSegade Oro
Bufete Carmona

Excellent, for professional websites works. 100% recommended.

Rafael CarmonaBufete Carmona
Terral CrossFit

Serious and professional company, where the result speaks for itself of the work they do. Without a doubt, 100% recommended to relaunch your business on Internet.

Juan A. SantiagoTerral CrossFit
Babel Idiomas

I love Rocketfy! They are thorough in their work, dynamic and very professional. Definitely, 100% recommended.

Angie AbadBabel Idiomas
Powerful tools

With immediate impact on the results of your business thanks to our development of cross-platform custom applications

Created by Rocketfy

According to the reality of the new digital space and the specific and real needs of our clients, solve the difficulties of the digital transformation of your company

Made with love

In love with our work. We use our knowledge to develop technologically advanced projects but we put the heart to make them unique.

Pamking our work

Caring for every detail, our software company facilitates the day to day of each business in Malaga to solve the problems of its customers.

Latest technologies

To create digital experiences that are lived in different platforms, they are developed in two planes and lead to the success of your business.

Crazy about R & D

We want to tell the story of your company innovating the software of tomorrow to offer multiplatform services today that facilitate the management of your company.


We help you optimize your processes


Our main activity, the basis of our company. The first trip to the moon in 1969 was made at the time when sufficient technological advances were available. In the same way to achieve your goals in the digital firmament that may be possible with your account with the latest advances in <strong> cross-platform application development </strong> and <strong> custom software </strong>. </ P>

Software services

We create technology ... and design!


If technology is what characterizes creativity, it is what sets us apart. We develop cross-platform applications and software from a different point of view. The entire project must house the most powerful technology inside but in its exterior image show beauty. Combining technology and aesthetics is possible thanks to our ability to generate original ideas resulting from a careful creative process that brings elegance to the digital space.

Design services

Digital marketing experts

Digital marketing

Communication in the new virtual environment is digital. Achieving the union between technology and creativity in the web project must be communicated online in a professional manner. Aware of the importance of communicating your reputation online and getting your goals placed in your reach advanced marketing services fully integrated into the development of applications.

Marketing services

Team of experts

Symfony Certification
Oracle Certification
Redhat Certification
Solaris Certification
Symfony Certification
Oracle Certification